• Hi, I’m Karen.

    I am a market researcher and customer success professional with over 8 years of in-depth knowledge in data collection, data analysis and data management. I have experience in developing marketing collateral, managing and building a successful client reference and referral program and delivering insights on market trends.

    I received my Bachelor’s from the University of California – Santa Cruz in Psychology and my Master’s in Public Health from The George Washington University. When I am not keeping up on marketing trends, I am hiking or running across the city of Los Angeles.


  • My Work Samples

    Case Study

    Role: Interviewed client, wrote case study and designed case study format
    For: Zynx Health
    Date: 2016

    Video Testimonials

    Role: Developed questions and edited final format of three client video testimonials
    For: Zynx Health
    Date: 1/8/2016

    “The Power of ZynxOrder and ZynxCare Together”

    “Improving Clinical Adoption with Zynx Health”

    “Continuous Quality Improvement with Knowledge Analyzer”